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I’m sure you’re wondering…WHAT is Boxing & Bubbles? And I also bet you’re asking yourself, are we just going to be boxing all day and drinking champagne? Of course NOT! Boxing & Bubbles is a subscription based community of fitness enthusiasts (like YOU!) who also like to enjoy life without the guilt attached. It’s about finding the balance of both fitness AND fun. Once you subscribe to the Boxing & Bubbles community, you’ll have full access to the ever growing workout library that you can do in the convenience of your own home And we won’t just be boxing even though most of you follow me for my boxing and kickboxing based workouts. Since boxing IS my passion, I’ll always be adding some punches and even kicks to the mix whether we are working on strength training or doing cardio. Additionally, you’ll receive bonus lifestyle video’s with experts in different fields to share their tips and tricks to keep you in the know and keep things spicy. And of course, I’ll be connecting with you to make sure you’re achieving your goals and enjoying your fitness journey. Moral of the story – Let’s get ready to have a ton of fun and do some serious sweating together!

We covered the boxing, now let’s talk about the bubbles part. Yes, I LOVE my bubbles. I passed my first level wine course from WSET (thinking about going on to the second level!) and I promise not to bore you about tasting notes and terroir however, I absolutely love all of it! Not to mention my fiancé is a certified wine sommelier, not by profession, but just because he’s so passionate about wine. Can you imagine all the fun stuff I get to taste and why I love it so much? Alright, back to the bubbles. For me, champagne is celebratory and I find it extremely important to celebrate all the successes life brings you, no matter how small they may be. Life is a constant struggle for balance and I even find myself having an “all or nothing” attitude. I remind myself that it’s absolutely okay to enjoy life a bit and that you don’t have to have such a strict or extreme regiment. Now, if you don’t like to salute and imbibe that’s perfectly fine! Bubbles to you can be a night on the couch with your hunny, binge watching Netflix and enjoying pizza and ice cream. Or it can be that delicious pasta at your fave restaurant. Do you see where I’m going? We are all so hard on ourselves and with social media these days, all you see are six pack abs and protein shakes. As motivating that can be at times, it can also lead to feelings of frustration and unrealistic expectations. Therefore, I feel it’s important for me to share the more human side of life. Boxing & Bubbles is all about finding that personal balance between fitness and fun. I’ll be your coach, your mentor, your biggest cheerleader and more importantly your friend.

I’m so excited to have you join the Boxing & Bubbles community and CHEERS to sweating with a smile!