It’s January and the new year is upon us! So Happy New Year! For many of us that means resolutions. At the top of the year we all have a tendency to sit down and reflect on the past year and think about things we want to change or create new goals we want to achieve. We think long and hard and come up with some great resolutions and mantras that we promise we are going to stick to in 2018… but fast forward a few weeks and all those resolutions have been thrown out the window; we’ve forgotten our mantras; and we’ve fallen into our same old routine. So how do we keep these resolutions? How can we make sure that we are achieving the goals we set for ourselves? Here’s a few simple tips to try:

1.) Start small! Of course, I mean dream BIG! But when I say start small, I mean that I want you to make your resolution less broad. Let’s say your resolution is to lose weight…. great resolution, but in a category that broad you may get lost. An actual goal hasn’t been set, just a general idea. So narrow it down and streamline it to a clear picture. Instead of saying “This year I am going to lose weight” why don’t you try saying “I am going to lose one inch from my waistline”. Or instead of saying “I am going to fit into my skinny jeans” why not try saying “I’m going to do 20 squats a day to tone my butt and legs”. Make a clear picture!

2.) Say it out loud! Just thinking about a resolution is a great start. Saying it out loud makes it real. Tell your partner. Phone a friend. (But keep it personal – wait to post on IG and FB until the resolution is completed.) SHOUT it out to the universe!

3.) Write it down! Writing something down gives a visualization and makes your goals one step closer to achieving. But let’s take it one step further – write it down somewhere that you can see it everyday. Dry erase markers on bathroom mirrors work great. (And if you’re fresh out of dry erase markers a lipstick pencil will work too. Just don’t use a regular sharpie unless you plan on some serious bathroom remodeling).

4.) Post it! And no, I’m not talking social media here. Keep sticky tabs in your desk drawers, on the steering wheel of your car, on your fridge, in your gym bag, attached to the back of your phone, (and anywhere you can think of) as a constant reminder to keep striving for that goal. The more you see it and repeat, the easier it will become to actually do it!

Now that you have a few simple tricks up your sleeve, go and apply them. Have a great new year everyone. Let’s start 2018 with a strong cross and a powerful uppercut!

We want to hear from you! What are your resolutions for 2018? Let us know in the comments below.